Scout Craft

With the permission of the Scout Master train a Scout or a Troop on three requirements each, necessary for the Group Scout Masters Award and the District Commissioner’s Award.

As per a Scout completing President's Scout Award, he himself is well experienced with years he has served. Training other Scouts should be done gradually and you can gradually start off with the help of the Instructors present.

Few things you need to make sure

  • The content or the resources you are sharing must be checked before you are planning to teach and should meet the criteria

  • Training process do not include lectures like in universities and advisable to do it freely and in a unique way

  • The content should not be too complex and should be understandable for all grades (Sections can be categorized according to the badgework they are on)

  • It is most recommended that you lead by example and demonstrate if applicable to what you are training (Pioneering, Lashing, Knots)

  • Balance between theory and practical

The most important in Boy Scout Training is to educate, not Instruct ~ Lord Baden Powell

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