Scouts who are unfamillar with the new syllabus and would like to know how to migrate from old syllabus to the 2022 syllabus, we have created a separate page for you which can be accessed by the below link

Migrating to the New Syllabus

Scouting activity and the sections for badge progress are organized according to age range and different stages of personal development. The actual names and age ranges of these sections differ from country to country.‌

Scouting is a non-formal educational movement, and has been since its inception. The Scout Programme is the procedure through which our Movement implements and delivers its educational purpose. The Founder, Robert Baden-Powell (B-P), set out the elements of the programme in 'Scouting for Boys', which was first published in 1908 as a series of pamphlets, and later published as a book and updated in every single edition over the following 15 years. Within the book we can find an explanation of What, How, and Why we are doing all that we are now doing in Scouting.‌

We are proud to introduce the Badgework Portal for all your programme badgework needs, with the guidance of the Group Advisors, instructors, and various contributors from our Troop. You can select your Badgework syllabus from the Variations section on top and start working on your badgework.‌

Note: We have allowed you to export the sections or separate pages as a PDF file, but we highly discourage copy-pasting the content to the Log Book or using print-outs. We recommend that you internalize the content and handwrite it in your book, based on your own interpretation and understanding.

Use the Resources as a reference and research more content to build your own notes‌

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The 2022 syllabus may contain partial information which will be uploaded gradually when the syllabus content is distributed to the Scout Leaders.

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