06 Months Service

Training period of Six months

  • Have a minimum training period of 06 months in a Patrol after completing the Membership Badge

  • Pay annual membership fee as a member of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM)

  • Continue maintaining the Personal Log Book and help maintaining the Patrol Log Book

Proficiency Badges

  • The Scout should complete three (03) compulsory Proficiency Badges:

    • Happy Home Badge

    • 2 Other Badges selected from any 2 groups other than from the Camp Craft and Public Service Groups

  • Scouts may do up to 06 more Proficiency Badges in addition to the compulsory 03 badges, but not from the Camp Craft and Public Service Groups.

  • Sea Scouts may complete a badge from Seaman’s Group and Air Scouts may complete a badge from the Airman’s Group as one of these badges.

  • If a Scout starts work on this Award as a Junior Scout and completed the Award as a Senior Scout, any relevant Junior badges done as a Junior Scout would be accepted as qualifying badges (i.e. some Scouts might have done Junior as well as Senior Badges, depending on his age when he/she did those badges).

    • Minimum age to start – 10 years and 09 months

    • Minimum age to complete – 11 years and 03 months

    • Minimum training period – 06 months

    • Should complete before 18 years

    • Interviewer – Scout Leader/Group Scout Leader

Once you are done with a requirement, do not hesitate to get it signed by your Patrol Leader/Seniors or the Scout Master/Group Scout Master

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