Pioneering Project 4

Take leadership in organizing and conducting a pioneering project E.g. Bridge building, Observation towers, Tree huts, Camp utility gadgets, Gateways, Swings, Seesaws, Camp kitchens, Construction of Q.M’s Stores in camp. Etc.

As a Scout on the President's Scout Award module, you have experienced in many pioneering preparations and you have lead many projects. If you haven't direct it on the PLC.

With the reduction of using Bamboo for pioneering projects, it directly affected pioneering projects the Scout Group focuses a lot. However it is crucial that a Scout should know his pioneering skills.

Here are a few things that you need to focus on when leading a pioneering project;

  1. Complexity of the Project ( The number of bamboos used and the number of lashings)

  2. Timeframe and deadline : Having a proper time plan is important for pioneering projects

  3. Availability of the Scouts

  4. Identifying the master pioneers

  5. Final Estimation for the project

  6. The budget

  7. Plan review and approval from the Seniors, Instructors

  8. Distributed Workloads

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