Promise and Law 3

  • Be able to present Games/ Tests/ Acts(drama), based on the Scout Promise and Law(select only one activity from them)

  • Be able to make a speech to the Troop based on two sections of the Scout Law

Scout Law Games


A game to help learn the Scout Law and recap the Scout Promise


Cut out cards from attached file


First we look at the Scout Promise as shown on page 3 and discuss its meaning. The Scout Promise makes specific mention of the Scout Law, so we are going to look at that in more detail now. Use Page 4 to try and complete the missing words, then show the correct ones as per page 5. Then run a short relay game: Pages 6 to 14 contain all the words required to make up any one line of the Scout Law. There are enough words to only construct one line at a time per patrol. There are three words which are red herrings, just to make things a bit more interesting. If you have the resources, laminate these for repeat use. 1. Cut out each word and place in a pile at one end of your meeting place. 2. The Scouts line up (in patrols) at the other end of the meeting place. 3. On an appropriate command begin to construct each line of the law, one line at the time. 4. One member of each patrol runs to the other end, collects a word, returns to the patrol and places the word in front of them. 5. The next patrol member then goes and retrieves the next word and this continues until the first Patrol has constructed the first line of the Scout Law. This can then be repeated for each line of the law. At the end of each relay, award points to the patrol that completes the line correctly and then return all the words to the far end ready for the next line.

Scout Law Relay


Scout law cut-out sheets


Print out Lawsheet 1 and Lawsheet 2 mentioned files for each team. Cut out each section.


There are many ways to play.

  • Have each patrol line up at the start line.

  • Have a judge for each patrol standing about 30 feet away holding a bucket with all the Numbered papers in it.

  • A scout runs to the judge, draws out a paper and says the word of the Scout Law that it corresponds with. For example, a 4 is pulled so the scout says Friendly.

  • The scout returns the paper and runs back to tag the next scout.

  • Score a point for each correct point. Use the Words instead of the Numbers in the same way.

  • Lay the Numbered papers from the start line about every 3 or 4 feet out to the bucket containing the Words.

  • Each scout runs to the bucket and pulls out a Word, then places it by the Number to which it corresponds.

  • If a scout believes a Word is in an incorrect spot on the ground, they can sacrifice their trip to the bucket to move one Word or switch two Words.

  • The first patrol to have all Words in correct order wins.

Give each patrol a paper bag containing the Words. On 'GO', the first patrol to arrange them in correct order wins.

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