Community Service Project

  • Get involved in a Community service project organized by your school, or any other organization for at least 6 hours. and enter the log of that in your Log book OR Identify a person who is very weak in studies, and carry out a programme alone or together with the Patrol or Troop to improve his studies.

  • Observe a Development Project( putting up a housing scheme making roads or bridges, etc.) and present a report prepared by self

  • Complete requirements for the ‘Scouts of the World Award’ under the Better World Framework Proficiency Badge as an alternative pathway. By completing the ‘Scouts of the World Award’ proficiency badge requirements, a Senior Scout can complete the requirement No. 21 of the Prime Minister’s Scout Award and has the opportunity to win an internationally recognized badge (the relevant syllabus can be found at Proficiency Badge Syllabus Book and Better World Framework Proficiency Badge Handbook)

Suggested Projects

  1. Cleaning or repairing a village well or pond

  2. Cleaning a public cemetery

  3. Repairing public facilities such as public water taps

  4. Repair done to a public play ground or an orphanage.

  5. Cleaning and painting a ward in a hospital/ Home for the elders/ orphanage

  6. Provide clean drinking water to places where pilgrims go

  7. Support a project such as dengue eradication, done by a Government Department or any other organization.

  8. Organize health clinics etc. in schools that do not have much facilities.

  9. Organize eye clinics, donation of spectacles, etc. with the help of other Organizations.

  10. Organize a project to educate students / adults on health habits

  11. Blood donation campaigns.

  12. Organize distribution of dry rations etc, at refugee camps etc.

  13. Repair roads, that has been neglected by other organizations.

  14. Organize public sanitation projects.

  15. Making roads or repairing them.

  16. Organize libraries in schools which does not have such facilities.

  17. Repairing/ painting sections of churches/temples etc.

  18. Constructing a home for a poor family or a poor person.

  19. Project to help weak students

  20. Organizing a camp fire or a party for the inmates of a home for the elders/orphanage etc.

It is also possible to select projects other than what is given above depending on the locality and the skills and the abilities of the Scout. But the selected project, as a proposal must be approved by the District Commissioner or his nominee prior to starting the work on the project. It should also be one, that would help at least some section of the community at large, and not a project in your home etc. Planning the project must start at least one month prior to the actual physical work involved. It is important that at least three photographs, one to show the situation prior to the project ,one to show work in progress and one to show the situation after the project was done to be include in the final report. At the end of the project, a report including the under mentioned must be submitted.

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