Scout Promise and Scout Law 1

  • Know the Scout Promise and Scout Law and be able to recite them by memory and show that he/she uses it in day to day work

  • Know what to do when taking the Scout Promise

  • Understand that the Scout Promise is the basis of Scouting

Scout Promise

The Promise Explained:

Becoming a super hero is a fairly straight forward process:

"On my honour I promis to do my best" You will do as well as you are able, because it is very important to you. You will not always succeed with what you are doing, however you will always know whether you have given your best attempt!

"To do my duty to my religion and Country" Duties are those tasks which you have to do. You should try to do those thing you know need doing before someone else tells you to do them. Your duty is to your religion which you must respect and follow its teachings. A scout must also perform is duty to his country this includes obeying the laws of your country (and any other country which you visit).

"To help other people at all times;" Whenever you see someone in need of help, don't let them struggle, find out if there is anything you can do to help.

"and to obey the Scout Law." You will always do your utmost to obeys the rules of the Scout Law.

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Scout Law

The Scout Laws Explained:

  1. A Scout is trustworthy

    Always keep your promises, if you agree to do something, then make sure that you do it.

  2. A Scout is loyal

    As a Scout, you are dedicated to Scouting, your family, friends and your work.

  3. A Scout is friendly and considerate

    As a Scout you must always think about how what you do may affect others (including people that you do not know). This includes such things as not making noise which may disturb your neighbours and always disposing of your litter carefully.

  4. A Scout is a brother to every other Scout

    The Scout movement is like a large family, and as such you will find that you can share in Scout activities throughout the world.

  5. A Scout is courageous

    Scouts are polite to everyone regardless of age or position. They know good manners make it easier for people to get along together.

  6. A Scout is kind to animals

    Scouts understand there is strength in being gentle. They treat animals as they want to be treated. They do not hurt or kill harmless animals without reason.

  7. A Scout is cooperative

    Scouts follow the rules of their family, school, and troop. They obey the laws of their community and country. If they think these rules and laws are unfair, they try to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobey them.

  8. A Scout is cheerful

    Scouts look for the bright side of things. They cheerfully do tasks that come their way. They try to make others happy.

  9. A Scout is thrifty

    Scouts work to pay their way and to help others. They save for unforeseen needs. They protect and conserve natural resources. They carefully use time and property.

  10. A Scout is clean in thought word and deed

    Scouts keep their body and mind fit and clean. They go around with those who believe in living by these same ideals. They help keep their home and community clean.

Remember the short form of the Scout Laws, and repeat them when the attendance book is marked:

"Trusty, Loyal, Helpful,

Brotherly, Courageous, Kind,

Obedient, Smiling, Thrifty,

As pure as the Rustling Wind"

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