Know the Area around 1

Know the area within a radius of ½ K.M. from your home, and have a knowledge of important places within that area

If you have ever considered making a change and moving to a new city or state (or perhaps country even), you have probably, at some point, considered a variety of factors to determine where best to move. There are a lot of factors about where you live that can affect your quality of life and your happiness. Thus, moving to a new location is not a decision that should be made lightly.

It is the same when you are living, everyone should know the area around them. Below are some of the most important points why you should know the area around and why it is so important.


    • Getting to know your neighbours is the first thing you should do, this widen the range of benefits including enhanced safety and community events. Whether you need to borrow a tool or need help with a household work, a good neighbour is always there to help. In both challenging and joyous times, these relationships remind you that you're surrounded by friendship and support.


    • How far away are you from an emergency room or a fire department? It’s good to be aware of these things before an emergency actually strikes, and in some suburbs, the nearest hospital or police station can be surprisingly far away.

    • It is advisable to know about the emergency services near your house or in your area for your needs in case of an emergency. Saving down the contact numbers of your nearby Emergency Services is a vise choice. Eg: In case of a robbery you can contact emergency hotline 119 or the closest Police Station directly if you have the contact number saved.


    • It is advisable to have a good knowledge on the retail stores in the area, and near your house.

      • What shop/shops got the best quality dry rations

      • What shop/shops got the freshest meat/vegetables

      • Who offers discounts

      • What shop/shops open early in the morning and available till late at night


    • Religious places have different levels of significance for different people and they play a very important role in the society. On a very basic level it is a social network for people of similar spiritual beliefs or spiritual goals to get together and keep their motivation going. Some people, these places are to reflect upon themselves in a peaceful manner as, in general, religious places are filled with peace and positivity. It is most advisable that you visit your neighborhood religious place and keep in touch with them.


    • According your needs the places you need differ, but in general having an overall understanding about your area is useful and can come in handy.

What you need to list down and How

Best reference is that you refer to Google Maps, please note that some places might not be in Google Maps but you add it it your map.

Measure the 1KM from your house (You can use the vehicle Odometer: Mileage reader to measure the distance very easily) and prepare your map accordingly to the scale of 1KM radius.

The Map should be drawn like this with the Map Legend. Center your house and draw a house to show your house.

What do you need to list down/add to your map

  • Your house : 🏠

  • Police Station, Post Office, Sub-Post Office

  • School

  • Hospital

  • Temple, Church, Kovil, Mosque

  • Playground, Park

  • Gas Station, Hotels (Main)

  • Famous/Important milestones, places

  • Cemetery

The above image is only for reference and should not be reproduced. Refrain from using Google Map Image as the reference Image. Use your own drawing skills to draw.

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