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Semaphore signals

What is Semaphore?

It’s a way of communicating across long distances, by holding flags in different positions to represent letters or numbers.

Make a Semaphore flag

For this you will need either red and yellow A4 card or paper and some sticky tape.

  1. Take one piece of red and one piece of yellow card or paper. You can make two flags from these.

  2. Cut the card/paper diagonally from opposite corners as can be seen in the picture opposite.

  3. Place the card/paper next to each other as seen in the picture and stick them together with the sticky tape on both sides.

  4. You can add sticks to your flags if you want to. This can be done with lollipop sticks, kebab skewers or sticks from outside and attached using sticky tape

Sending signals

To send a Semaphore message correctly start by using the ‘Attention’ position and wait for the ‘Ready to receive’ position from the other team. When ready, start each word with the ‘Letters’ position and use the ‘Space’ position between each word. Finish the sentence with the ‘End of word’ position.

Receiving signals

To receive a message wait for the ‘Attention’ signal from the other team. When seen, reply with the ‘Ready to receive’ position. This is done by raising both flags straight above your head and then dropping them into the ‘Space’ position.


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