Safe from Harm 8

  • Be able to help a younger scout contact his/her parents

  • Know the Emergency Ambulance number and the Emergency Police number

  • Know the safety concerns of day to day safe living: Some examples -

    • Climb a Wall or a Fence

    • Playing with Fire

    • Sharp Objects

    • Playing from heights

    • Safe behaviour with swimming pools, streams and rivers

    • How to protect ourselves from mosquitoes, snakes and stray dogs

  • Know the different areas of Safety (sexual, physical, psychological, emotional, Internet and telephone etc.) be able to give examples for each

  • Be able to explain to the Patrol the methods of reporting in case of abuse or harassment to himself / herself or to somebody else.

  • Know what to do if you get lost

At Camps

  • Follow the Buddy system (Buddy System : Accompany another Scout) at all times in the Camp grounds

  • Avoid camping at high uneven grounds, muddy grounds and near river banks unless it is guided by an experience Scout Master or a Camper

  • Follow the Camp Guidelines

  • Inform your Scout Master or Camp Warden when leaving the Campsite

  • Avoid getting yourself into unnecessary fights

  • Avoid river bathing and diving unless it is guided and the safety measures taken

At hikes and excursions / During Job Week

  • Follow the instructions at all times

  • Do not use forest routes unless it is instructed to do so

  • Never accept anyone's offer to help you with a shortcut unless he/she has a proven identification

  • Follow the Buddy system

  • Never do risky doings when at hikes and excursions

  • Do not climb trees without proper technique and safety measures

  • Use enclosed shoes, sandal pairs with a good grip and avoid using slippers

  • Always background check on the place/route you will be following

  • Never get inside of a stranger's vehicle unless you are with a group

  • Do not eat/drink anything offered to you openly(Toffees, Drinks in a glass), it is advisable for you to accept closed branded packets (Biscuit packets, Packed Buns etc)

At School

  • Follow School guidelines

  • Never go home with anybody other than your father/mother/or the person who takes you home usually. Not even if that person says that your father/mother has specifically asked you to go with him/her. You will go with that person, only if your father or mother has specifically told YOU to go with him/her.

  • Never be in school for long hours after school without a purpose

  • Do not climb over the School Walls

  • Obey the Staff

At Home/At a place of a friend or relative

  • Avoid doing electrical work or any kind of risky work (Changing a light bulb) without a parent supervising

  • Avoid handling knifes and sharp tools/objects when you are alone unless you are well experienced

  • Do not open the door for strangers if you are alone, if so ask them to come back when parents come back

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