09 Months service

  • The Scout could start work on the Efficiency Decoration only after he/she is over 14 years and 06 months of age and after completing the requirements for the Chief Commissioner’s Award.

  • Efficiency Decoration is the final requirement of the Prime Minister’s Scout Award.

  • If a Scout has won the Chief Commissioner’s Award before the age of 14 years and 03 months, he/she is eligible to complete specified four (04) requirements (1- 4) of the Prime Minister’s Award while he/she is still a Junior Scout. He/she should also complete 09 months training period as a Senior Scout

Proficiency Badges

  • The Scout should complete five (05) Proficiency Badges:

    • One from either Education or Culture Group or the Senior Saver badge or Better World Framework (other than the Messenger of Peace and Scout of the World Awards)

    • One from Sports Group

    • One from Farmer Group

    • Civics badge

    • Venturer (this should be the last test to be done to complete the requirements for the Efficiency Decoration)

  • All proficiency badges must be selected from the Senior Scout section.

Guidelines for Venturer Hike (32km)

  • The full responsibility of this hike is with the District Commissioner.

  • The District Commissioner may get the help of ADC (Programme) or if the ADC (Programme) is not available, may get the help of any other ADC/District Scout Leader or a Scout Leader holding the Wood Badge.

  • Only two Scouts who are qualified to do this hike should take part.

  • It is the duty of the District Commissioner to make sure that proper written instructions are given for the hike and to make sure that all necessary permission for the hike is obtained.

  • The night should be spent in the tent and dinner and breakfast should be prepared by the Scouts.

  • The hike report with the map should be submitted to the examiner within 2 weeks of completing the hike

  • Scouts can use the forward bearings which they took at the hike, directions with conventional sings to prepare the map while mentioning the North and the scale of the map which he/she prepared.

  • Scouts can compare the map with the Google Map to check the accuracy.

  • Minimum age to start – 14 years and 06 months and after receiving the Chief Commissioner’s Award

  • Earliest age of completion - 15 years and 03 months

  • Minimum training period – 09 months

  • Should complete before 18 years  Interviewer - ADC (Programme) /ADC (Training) or any other ADC nominated by District Commissioner

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