B.P. 6 Exercises

Be able to do the 6 exercises given by B.P. to maintain a healthy body, and have made them as a part of your daily routine.

1st Exercise

For the head : Rub the head and face, firmly over several times with the palms and fingers of both hands. Thumb the muscles of the neck and throat.

2nd Exercise

For the Chest : From upright position bend to the front, arms stretched downwards, with back of the hands together in front of the knees. Breathe out. Raise the hand gradually over the head and lean back as far as possible, drawing a deep breath through the nose as you do. Lower the arms gradually to the sides, breathing out the word “Thanks” through the mouth. Lastly, bend forward again, breathing out the last bit of breath in you, and saying the number of times you have done it in order to keep count.

Repeat The exercise 12 times

3rd Exercise

For the Stomach: Standing upright, send out both arms, fingers extended, straight to the front, then slowly swing round to the right from the hips without moving the feet, and point the right arms as far round behind you as you can, keeping both arms level with, or a little higher than, the shoulders. Then, after a pause, swing slowly round as far as you can to the left. Breathe in when pointing to the left. “Body twisting”.

Breathe out when pointing to the right. Repeat six times, change the breathing to the other side and repeat six times.

4th Exercise

For the Trunk: This is also called the “Cone Exercise”. Standing at “Attention” position, raise both hands, as high as possible over the head, and link fingers. Lean backwards, and then sway the arms very slowly round in the direction of a cone, so that the hands make a wide circle above and around the body, the body turning from the hips, and leaning over one side. Then to the front, then to the other side, and then back.

After completing the circle, start in the opposite direction. Repeat six times both ways. Breathe in when leaning backward and breathe out when leaning forward.

5th Exercise

For Lower Body and Back of Legs: Stand with feet slightly apart, touch your head with both hands and look up into the sky, leaning back as far as you can, and then bend forward and downward till your fingers touch your toes, without bending your knees.

6th Exercise

For Legs, Feet and Toes: Stand in ‘Attention’ position, put the hands on the hips, stand on tip-toe, turn the knees outwards, and bend them slowly down to a squatting position, keeping the heels off the ground the whole time. Then gradually raise the body and come to the first position again.

Repeat this 12 times. Breathe in as body rises and breathe out as the body sinks.

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