Smartness and Good Order 1

Scout members have long had an excellent reputation for appearance, discipline and good order that is recognized and admired by the public.

Scouts leaving the camp and going to public places must be properly and neatly dressed.

Troop Drill

Called by "Troop" or use troop call to attract attention and silence in Troop. A hand single is shown to get the Troop into required formation.

Troop then assumes the At Ease position-feet a comfortable distance apart, right hand clasped in left hand behind back, head up, eyes front.


Move left foot up smartly to right foot-heels touching, toes apart(feet should be at 30 degree angle), arms straight at sides in-line with the seam of the trouser, head up, look straight ahead

"Troop-At Ease"

Move left foot to left and take up position described above. This command may be followed by 'Easy'. Relax, the body, arms and head may now be moved but the feel must remain in the 'At Ease' position. The troop may not go direct from the 'Alert' position to the 'Easy' position.

TURNS. From the Alert.

"Troop-Right Turn".

Turn on right heel and left toe-snap left foot up to right.

"Troop-Left Turn"

Turn on left heel and right toe-snap right foot up to left

"Troop-about Turn/Troop-Right-about-Turn"

Turn right about on right heel and left toe-snap left foot up to right.

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