Skills in Art and Hobbies 3

Create an original artistic or literary work. E.g. Painting, Sculpture, Poem, song, a script for a play, speech for a speech contest, a report on a place of historical importance. The Scout Master must satisfy himself that the creation is done by the relevant Scout.


Skits are mostly done at campfires and Troop Nights. Skits should last only in-between 3-5 minutes. Here are a few Skits for you to take a note on;

Clean Socks Skit


  • 5 scouts

  • A pile of socks


Scout #1: (could be a leader instead) Hey, everybody! Our new socks have arrived! Come and get 'em! [other scouts run onstage and line up to receive socks.]

Scout #1: OK, Johnny, how many socks do you need? Scout #2: I need 2 pair. Scout #1: Just two? Scout #2: Yes, I wear one pair for a week while the other pair is in the dirty wash. Scout #1: Yuch! Oh well, here you go. Scout #3: I need 4 pair. Scout #1: Why 4 pair? Scout #3: I put on a fresh pair on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Scout #1: Well, that's better than wearing them a whole week. Here you go. Scout #4: I need 7 pair. Scout #1: Great. I bet that's a fresh pair every day, right? [gives the socks] Scout #4: Right! Scout #1: That's what I like. A clean scout! Here you go. Scout #5: 12 pair please! Scout #1: 12!? Man, you must really be clean. Why 12 pair? Scout #5: Well, there's January, February, March, ...

Listen! Skit


One scout comes onstage and starts listening intently to something far off up in the air. The rest of the scouts walk up to him. Scouts: Hey, what are you doing? Scout #1: Listen! (other scouts stop and listen.) Scout #2: I don't hear anything. Scout #1: LISTEN! Scout #3: I don't hear anything either. Scout #1: You know, It's been like that all day!

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