Make your own Thong

Starting age - You could start work on the Bushman’s Thong only after you are over 14 years and 6 months of age and after completing the requirements for the District Commissioner’s Award

Training – Min. 9 months after 14 years and 6 months or if you completed the District Commissioner’s Award after you were 14 years and 6 months old, then 9 months after completing the District Commissioner’s Award

Proficiency Badges –

  1. One from either Education or Culture Group One from Sports group

  2. One from Farmer/Seaman/Airman Group

  3. Civics badge

  4. Venturer (this should be the last test to be done to complete the requirements for the Bushman’s Thong)

All badges must be selected from the Senior Scout section. Make your own Thong in the presence of the ADC(Program)

Making of the Bushman's Thong

One of the highest achievable challenge awards for scouts is that of the cord or thong. The Bushman's Thong is worn around the right shoulder under the shoulder strap. The free end is carried from the front of the armpit in a loose loop to the button of the right-hand breast pocket, to which it is fastened. The Bushman's Thong is made of leather and brown in colour

The Entire Bushman's Thong is handmade and made with two leather thongs. The thongs can be bought from the National Headquarter's


  • Get the thickest leather thongs

  • Get two wires (not circuit wires) equal length to the leather thongs 5 1/2 feet.

  • Make sure your leather thongs are not damaged

  • Polish the leather thongs with shoe polish and sun bathe , repeat the process 2 or 3 times

Practice making bushman's thong with two wires.

The Thong has two parts,

  1. Turk's head

  2. Boatswain Plait

Turk's Head


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